About the Author – Geoffrey Cubbage

As the title implies, my name’s Geoffrey Cubbage. Misanthropology101 exists almost entirely to be something fun and substantial that pops up when you Google my name, because I’m a freelance writer and frankly I gotta have something to show for it.

Work I’ve actually been paid for is scattered all over the internet. Some of it is funny (like at Cracked.com), some of it is useful (or at least I’ve been dressing better since I started writing for RealMenRealStyle.com), and some of it is written under many layers of pseudonyms because it is so racy it will make your toes curl and your ears burn all at once (you don’t get a link for that one).

I’ve also written for non-web-based employers like an Afghan contractor for USAID, turning big data sets into accessible state-of-the-district reports, and I’ve done constituent and media work for one of our state representatives here in Wisconsin.

So if you need something written, drop me a line. Odds are I can handle the job. And if you’re an agent or a publisher who I’ve approached about a book, well, good job on Googling your potential new author, and enjoy the blog.

Need to reach me? Leave a comment here, and I’ll get a notice in my e-mail. Or you could just crack my complicated code, which uses my first name, followed by a period, followed by my last name, and then “at gmail” and all that other dot com stuff.


  1. Found. Subscribed. I suffer no decision-making disorders :D

  2. My humble narrator is not so humble at referring to himself in the third-person.

    • I don’t know – it almost seemed more modest to me, or at least one step distanced from baldly self-promoting statements like “I am an astonishingly good-looking young man”!

  3. Not sure if you accept the virtual awards… but I’ve done it anyway! I have nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger award. I think your writing is great, and you can view my post where I nominated you, and see the “rules” on how to keep the awards going! Thanks for keeping me entertained! http://moorewithmadi.wordpress.com/2012/11/02/an-award-for-me/

    • I won’t lie — that looked like a spam comment at first glance. But I’m glad it’s not. Thanks for the vote of confidence! Always nice to know someone out there reads this thing.

      • I seriously thought the same thing! My thought process went something like, “Really? I can’t even get a real comment, only spam? Oh wait, it is real!” Glad that I can give you some confidence because in turn, you have given some to me!

  4. My first stop by your site and I am inspired to follow. I admire the consistency, it looks like you write a lot and it’s full of interesting, hot topics (just got in to Game of Porns (Thrown’s) recently here in Uganda..). Question for you though. Warning: This may be unwanted unsolicited advice (not SPAM). After combing through your site I get a slight vibe of lack of confidence. Why?

    I say “suck it up” “live mas” and acknowledge that you rock. I realize that being a freelance writer may not be the easiest gig and that you probably hit walls everyday, but keep faking it till you keep making it and no one will ever know that you are a mediocre freelance writer and just assume that you are a super successful writer turning work down left and right. Unless you are a super successful writer disguised as a mediocre one on a blog, in which case… no matter, I am reading regardless!

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