National Republican Congressional Committee Goes Phishing: Bogus Donation Sites in Dem Candidates’ Names Send Money to NRCC

This was a new one on me (hat-tip to a Facebook friend for the tipoff): the National Republican Congressional Committee appears to be registering donation websites using the names of Democratic candidates in the URL, distinguished from an official campaign site only by plain text reading “donate to help defeat” below the candidate’s name. Donations from all these sites currently redirect as donations to the NRCC.

Here’s a sample from, named for Democratic candidate Kyrsten Sinema:


Here’s another from, named for Democratic candidate Ann Kirkpatrick:


There’s a formula, obviously, and it’s being applied to at least a half a dozen candidates already: pages using the same template, all redirecting to the RNCC, exist for the Democratic candidates Alex Sink, Martha Robertson, John Lewis, and Domenic Recchia at the time of this writing.

These are not presented as Republican sites, nor are the names suggestive of opposition sites. The URLs are all, without exception, either the candidate’s name or the candidate’s name accompanied by “forcongress,” “for2014,” or some similar campaign theme.

You have to scroll all the way to the bottom to get any text that suggests Republican involvement, usually in as low-contrast a font as possible:


Full disclosure, that.

I’ll try to stay on top of this story and any updates, but for now you need to know at least this much: the RNCC, going into the 2014 elections, is definitely registering misleading websites that appear to support Democratic candidates for Congress, but that direct donations to the RNCC.

Party of personal responsibility, amirite?

  1. thanks for pointing this out. good info to be aware of.

    • Gustav
    • February 5th, 2014

    They must have such little faith in their party, so they have to resort to cheating and trickery to win. That’s sad.

  2. You can report phishing pages to Google for inclusion in Chrome’s phishing blacklist here:

  3. When the class war comes, the working classes will be entertained as Republican vermin are fastened spread-eagle to the ground and executed by blind octogenarians wielding dull hoes.

    • Deekoo
    • February 5th, 2014

    The NRCC are happy to scam Republicans, too. A few years back, I was registered Republican (because hey, getting to vote against McCain in the primary as well as the general? Worth it.), and one of their telemarketers tried to tell me that I needed to give them my credit card number to renew my membership – never mind that I’d never actually had a membership with them. IIRC they were also behind some of the sketchier snailmail fundraising solicitations.

    (P.S.: Leavenworth, your exterminationalist rhetoric sounds like something I’d see in the Washington Times comments page.)

    • ocegrim
    • February 6th, 2014

    Can we have tjhem arrested for this? This IS a crime.

    • Did you actually look at the site that post talks about? It’s a gag site where the “Cick Here” button for “all the details on Mitt Romney’s tax plan” keeps floating away and can’t be clicked. (The joke being that you can’t know the details, because there weren’t any.)

      There’s a world of difference between a visual gimmick with no function and a fake site that’s actually set up to take donations.

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