Thanksgiving Will Always Be My Favorite

No holiday, I think, revolves more around the concept of the central meal than Thanksgiving.

To some extent we have concepts of “the Christmas dinner,” and to a lesser degree the Easter dinner (often replaced by brunch, these days). Passover seders can be magnificent, but aren’t on the table (no pun intended) for most of us year to year. But all of these have something else going on as well; some significance beyond the meal itself.

Thanksgiving, less so. Unless you happen to have a vested interest in whatever football is going on that evening, the main and sole attraction is the feast (even the football crowd usually picks up some of the Thanksgiving spirit in the form of more-elaborate-than-usual snacks, often involving slow cookers).

For that reason alone, Thanksgiving will probably always be my favorite holiday. It emphasizes so many of the things I find worth celebrating: food, drink, company, conversation; companionship. It’s a social holiday. You’re expected to sit, and chat, and eat, all in excess of your daily routine.

And if a bit of overindulging occurs along the way, well, everything in moderation, including moderation.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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