Geoffrey Cubbage, Goodreads Slacker

I’ve been bad about Goodreads lately.

If you’re not tearing through books at a healthy pace, the site can be, as discussed previously, a bit of an inferiority complex waiting to happen. But it’s a useful place for getting your name and URL out to a lot of readers and writers, so I try to stay on top of it.

Lately that hasn’t been happening so much. I suspect some of that is shame. Did it really take me over a month to finish The House of the Seven Gables? Yes, yes it did. I had some other things going on at the time, you know? But it still feels embarrassing putting that dubious feat up on the internet for all to see.

Or that particularly stressful post-move period? Yeah, I mostly read old sci-fi paperbacks that I’d read before; that and Lloyd Alexander’s series of children’s fantasy books. (Which are still surprisingly good, given that they’re from the 1960s and were written in less than a year each).

So a little shame. But mostly I’m shameless, and the Goodreads slacking is coming more from a time investment vs. reward consideration. People do read the reviews, and a few of them have even become reasonably popular (or unpopular but widely-viewed, as with my admittedly harsh words for Neal Stephenson’s Reamdelooking back, I might have been slightly more moderate in voicing my objections, if only so that people gave them a little closer consideration). It’s just not that many people.

I’m not in the book reviewing business, and other than the occasional click-through to MA101 Goodreads just doesn’t offer a lot of rewards. (Well, it does make my year-end catalog of books easy to keep track of). So lately I’ve been slacking.

But it’s on the to-do list! I will get those Prydain books and The House of the Seven Gables and all the other backlog added, and then you can all laugh at how little reading I do. Sound fun?

  1. Loved the Chronicles of Prydain! And, it took me two weeks for The House of Seven Gables…but I had the pressure of doing it for a class. But I find I too have little time for Goodreads. I am busy with so many other things, including reading, that updating is a hassle. It happens, no shame, but readings and writings are fun without updating as Gurgi would say.

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