Living Barbie Doll Valeria Lukyanova Proves That It’s Good to Have Goals(?)

Have you done what you wanted to with your life? Fulfilled those childhood goals?

Was it a good choice?

Maybe not so much in the case of Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova, better known as “the living Barbie Doll,” but who are we to judge? She appears to have actually achieved her life-long dream of, well, turning herself into a silent plastic doll of almost impossible proportions.

It’s hard to get good information about the transubstantiated model in English. Most sites pick her up either as a news-of-the-weird style filler or as a source of body-image outrage. So it’s hard to say where the Barbie obsession came from or why she decided to pursue it this far. The internet being the internet, there’s much more speculation on whether plastic surgery was involved, and if so whether it was just a boob job or if the waist was somehow altered as well.

For my part, I’d love to know when she started trying for the Barbie look, and whether it was a gradual process — general beauty regimen slowly ramped up until one day she thinks Oh my God I look like Barbie — or if the goal from Day 1 was total dollification.

As far as judgements on the health of it all go I’m inclined to put her in the same category as any other obsessive; if this freaks you out more than raw-dieting ultramarathoners or guys who memorize gun catalogs you’re dwelling on the wrong problems.

Maybe someone who can read Russian can check out this website featuring her and tell me what she’s blogging about (beware, though, there’s a video rolling at the top with weird music that you’ll probably want to pause).

Interestingly, Valeria Lukyanova is not alone; there are apparently other Barbie-girls out there. British living Barbie Sarah Burge has the twin distinctions of being the oldest one I could find and the one who’s spent the most on surgery (at least that anyone can prove) — about 540,000 pounds sterling, or roughly a whole lot of American dollars too.

I hate to be cruel, but I’m not sure she’s as good at it as the others. The face doesn’t have the same blank, plastic-like affect that Valeria Lukyanova manages. Given that it’s mostly made of plastic, that seems like an almost tragic way to fall short.

She does give us a little more insight into her thoughts, though, including a recent appearance on Anderson Cooper’s show where he threw her off, saying “you’re dreadful” in response to her statements about giving her 7 year-old daughter “vouchers” promising to pay for her plastic surgery when she turns 18.

For Ms. Burge this is at least in large part a way to make money doing something she enjoys; she makes paid appearances as a living doll (presumably not actually using the word “Barbie” in the marketing, since this is definitely not a Mattel-approved promotion).

And then there’s Dakota Rose, a.k.a. KotaKoti. There’s a KotaKoti blog, which endears her to me for obvious reasons, although it’s mostly a picture feed. Still, she gives a few vital statistics in the FAQ section, and of all the living Barbies she seems most interested in cultivating and interacting with an online fanbase. Then again, she lives in Japan, so a bit of an internet obsession is sort of a given.

She’s also 16 (according to her website), which makes some of the more suggestive poses a bit uncomfortable but certainly gives her an edge in the “smooth, plastic-like skin” part of the look.

So color me impressed. I initially stumbled across Valeria Lukyanova while reading about something totally unrelated, and I’d been meaning to do a post about her for a long time, but finding out about her…competitors?…in the process of writing this has certainly been an education.

An education in letting those childhood fantasies, go, mainly, but like I said. Who are we to judge? We probably never made this good on our unrealistic, toy-driven expectations.

It’s good to have goals. I guess.

    • lesliemgray
    • June 15th, 2012

    Nice post… Really kind of interesting to think others have goals to be plastic figurines, while “most” of us want to be doctors and teachers. Nonetheless, there’s something intriguing about this and there’s probably some psychological explanation. Thanks for doing some background research on this and sharing.

    • I mean, I can say with certainty that I wanted to be a Ninja Turtle, or at the very least an X-Man, for a couple of years there. I sport no toughened green skin implants or retractable claw-gloves to this day. A tiny bit of failure in there, when you think about it.

      I do still like pizza, though. So that’s something.

      • babachioara
      • August 7th, 2012

      what they have in common is that they lacking the dick, so Freud said. this is definitely the psychological explanation. at least Lukyanova portrays herself as “asexual”. that’s why she inflated her boobs like that…lol! i’ve read on russian websites that she seems not being lucky in love, so she converted all that sexual desire towards this freaky look. she is a pretty severe mental case. i’ve read on that she attempted suicide for a guy. twice. once drinking some poison and another time trying to jump out the window.

  1. If all of the girls want to be barbie dolls, they expect their ‘ken’ to have … well … limited man-parts then? Wow, what a wonderful world.
    I’ll go for ninja turtles and pizza, too then

    • No mention that I could find of whether anyone’s jerry-rigged some kind of lady-bits shield for herself to perfect the sexless Barbie look, now that you mention it.

      • the dream of every parents to protect their precious… I wonder though, can they turn their arms and legs 360?

    • lesliemgray
    • June 15th, 2012

    andreashesse :
    the dream of every parents to protect their precious… I wonder though, can they turn their arms and legs 360?


  2. Reading this post made me feel like I was watching a horrifying descent into Dolland. Why, why, why?

      • In reply to sinister
      • August 14th, 2012

      Its because you are >:]

  3. Wow, ok, I just would like to say that I think it IS good to have goals. I mean, sure, their tastes are a little different doesn’t mean they are freeaks.. as long as they aren’t doing drugs or killing people to meet their obsession, its just something different and innocent they are into.. not to mention Valeria is weirdly pretty.. :]x

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