Your “Contact Info” Page Needs a Snail Mail Address Too

One of the many jobs I’ve worked these last few years included writing congratulations and thank-you notes to a wide range of people and businesses, which was actually kind of fun. I like writing letters. It was even one of the first things I blogged about, or at least I think January 2010 was near the start of things. The writing is certainly bad enough to be early on.

But anyway. Writing letters to businesses and people who had Done Good Things, which was fun. Trouble was you had to figure out where to send those letters, and a lot of people are surprisingly bad at giving you a way to do that.

I suppose people might not be aware of it, so today I’m putting it on the blog as a PSA: there are a lot of groups and individuals, from charities to angel investors to elected officials, who only send formal communications by snail mail. This is about equal parts tradition, needing a paper trail, and not wanting to give people an e-mail address they can write back to, emphasis on one or the other depending on who’s sending the letter.

So if you like getting recognized for Doing Good Things (unsolicited, I mean, by interested parties who noticed in the news and decided to send you a letter about it despite not knowing you personally), you need a physical address. Can be a business address, a PO Box, a c/o routed through your friend the paranoid who shoots at the mailman (just for laughs) — doesn’t matter, but give us poor office bastards something. Otherwise you’re not getting your hand-signed, assistant-written letter.

Observant readers will have already noticed that MA101 does not, in fact, have a mailing address posted anywhere, or for that matter even a “Contact Info” page. The reason for this is simple: I don’t want to hear from any of you.

Ha! I am, of course, kidding. Leave all the comments you want. I love you guys. But I do not do anything in the real world; this blog is never going to generate any kind of activity or win any kind of award that isn’t already entirely contained in the internet. E-mail will more than suffice for its needs.

Real businesses cannot get by like that. It doesn’t matter if you’re well-funded start-up using nanotech to make better window glass for cars or an old lady peddling kitty boutonnieres made from recycled milk bottles. If you have a physical presence, have an address for it somewhere on your website.

Otherwise I can’t send you nice things.

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