Stolen Media Does Not Come With Customer Service

Long-time readers may recall that HBO and I had a slight dispute over content packaging and payment schedules, which I solved through the simple expedient of stealing Game of Thrones.

I’m not overly proud of that decision, nor willing to actually admit to it as more than a purely hypothetical situation put forward as a fictitious satire for the purposes of amusing my blog audience, but I have to say — they do make it easy on you. Those robot pirate drones must be working out great. I think it literally takes less time to download an episode illegally than it would to sit through all the commercials.


(HBO might not actually have commercials. Wouldn’t know. Again, haven’t ever had a reason or opportunity to actually use their services.)

But anyway, this is a way you can get media now. It is very, very easy. Also it is fast; also it is free. It does happen to be illegal, but apart from that minor snag it’s really about as direct a catering to the user’s personal preferences as you can get.

You might think a little gratitude would therefore be called for, and you would be wrong:

The above was taken from the comments on one torrent hosted by one particular-but-unnamed file sharing site that may or may not have robot pirate drones.

All these people are all getting something for free. On demand. Delivered directly to their homes in a matter of hours at the most.

Be a little fucking happier, you guys. This is why no one likes Gen Y.

    • david
    • April 4th, 2012

    well it should!
    i mean what is this.. soviet russia?

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