Writers and Their Terrible Social Habits

Writers are “take them anywhere but out” sorts of creatures, I swear they are.

I’ve never met one, for example, that wasn’t a dreadful gossip.  Myself included — our favorite houseguests are the ones who know all the good gossip on our other houseguests and friends, and doesn’t that just make you want to come on over for my next dinner party disaster?  And I’m always a sucker for other bloggers leaving tantalizing little hints about their personal scandals lives, which the best ones know and take full advantage of to keep us all reading.

You don’t, of course, get good gossip and/or novel fodder without keeping an ear out for dramatic conversations — another dreadful habit that seems universal among writers.  I won’t say they all actually listen at keyholes, per se, but if a keyhole happened to present itself in a manner which seemed to invite listening, say by virtue of being roundish and transmitting sound well — at that point all bets are off.

O Best Beloved claims there’s also a bad habit of correcting grammar, which I maintain isn’t nearly as irritating as her habit of abusing the subjunctive form but really is one of those things you want to nip in the bud before you do it to your boss.

Throw in the late nights, the intermittent hygiene, the various alcohol-and-DT-related twitches, and the tendency to think of words as revisable even in irrevocably spoken conversation and its a wonder anyone ever lets us lead the house.

…or is your writing life totally different from mine?  Discuss!

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